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Evelina made a new album - WINTER EP. It contains 8 great miniatures from the piano literature everyone knows. Available on spotify - apple music - qobuz - youtube music - deezer - amazon music - and many more online streaming services.

The WINTER EP is about the present and future times as much as it is about my past. In uncertain times like these the miniaturist and lyrical is far more important than the grand and virtuose, as we need only a couple of sounds to express what we feel. Small, touching, reflective pieces persist through centuries for a reason, to comfort us in tough and uncertain times. They make us wonder about our values, our engagement, our inner resources, our responsabilities, for the future, for the next generations living on this planet. These small pieces is what I can share with you, with the world, at this moment, hoping together with you for better times to come.
This EP is in memory of my father Vladimir Vorontsov. Pianist, piano teacher and an incredible source of knowledge for my own playing and teaching. The only recording I have of him is Chopin’s prelude no. 4, here included. The Peterson arrangement also originates with my father as he played many jazz LP’s during my childhood, and taught me how to improvise on the piano. Listening to his music brings up good memories as well as reflections on the loss of life.


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